Inter School Advisory Council - October 2016


      I.        Guest Presenters

     Julie Neuhaus (Jump Rope for Heart)

     We are moving toward district wide events, expanding to secondary level including events like Dodge Ball for Heart

     Adding assemblies for elementary students like “Rethink your Drink” encouraging good choices

     Dr. Theodore Sees (Eye Health in Children and Teens)

     Presented information on Ortho K, an eyesight treatment described as “a retainer for your eyes that corrects vision while you sleep.”

     Ortho K treatment is available at Rockford Family Eye Care.

    II.        School Board Candidates

     Four seats are open with six candidates who are running.  The school board election will appear on the November 8 ballot (along with Presidential election).  They are listed on the back side of the ballot, so don’t forget to flip it over!

     Gina McCambridge (School Board Candidate)

     Currently a school counselor in Comstock Park

     Lisa Kreager (School Board Candidate)

     Currently on the board since 2012, has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer and is currently the Secretary

     Works in corporate finance and reports focus areas as finance and curriculum

     Nick Reichenbach (School Board Candidate, not able to be present)

     Currently on the board in a position that opened up mid-term

     Has served many years as an ISAC representative

     Amy Vancil (School Board Candidate)

     Background in commercial real estate finance

     Geoff Downs (School Board Candidate)

     Background as a Rockford High School teacher

     Laura Featherston (School Board Candidate)

     Currently treasurer on our school board

     Seeking 3rd term

   III.        City Council Election

     There are 3 seats open and 7 candidates running for City Council within the City of Rockford.

     Mike McIntosh (Neighbors for Neighborhoods)

     A non-profit organization that was formed a few years ago

     Focus is for citizens of the city to have a voice in their community

     Believe in a “triple bottom line” where not only profit, but also social and environmental concerns are addressed

     Tom Conkright (Rockford Forward)

     A political action committee that was formed to influence the voters of the City of Rockford.

 IV.        Student 1:1 Devices (Mike Cuneo, Assistant Superintendent of Finance)

     Devices were part of the 2014 bond issue

     The district will start slow, beginning this year with rolling out 1:1 devices to elementary students.

     Devices will go home with students

     Insurance will be required, options include:

     Pay $30 per year

     Opt out of insurance coverage

     If there is a hardship, as the principal of your building

     Initially program will be implemented at Cannonsburg, intentionally starting with a small building, in early November

     By Christmas, all elementary schools should have devices

     The district will be use remote filtering of the devices for web use.  This will also be in place when the devices are taken home.

     Student Code of Conduct is being developed to accompany 1:1 devices.  Expect to update this one item on Family Access (similar to the Information Verification at the beginning of the school year)

     Devices will expand to grades 6-8 next year

   V.        RAMS X Strategic Planning Process (Dr. Doug VanderJagt, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources)

     The district does strategic planning on a three year cycle with January 2017 being the start of a new cycle.

     The process begins with focus groups including parents, staff, students, and community members.  All parents in the district will receive an email inviting them to the various opportunities to participate. 

     The feedback from the focus groups will shape a survey which will be sent via Family Access to all district families

 VI.        Athletic Code of Conduct Violations (Dr. Doug VanderJagt)

     Allegations that kids were doing something outside of school at “The Hill” near NRMS to “get fired up.”  No specific details of any kind were given about the nature of the activities or who was involved due to FERPA laws.

     The district conducted interviews and determined the following:

     At this point, there were no victims that they know of

     At this point, no illegal activity has been communicated to us

 VII.        ISAC Member Issues

     Jill Silverman, Rockford Education Foundation

     $30,000 given in staff and educator grant during the past few weeks

     There’s been a decline in teacher grants, so teachers are encouraged to apply!

     Fundraiser next week - REF Hall of Fame

     6 RPS graduates and 1 community member will be honored

     Tickets at

     Marching Band

     Saturday at 8:15 if you’d like to see them perform with a new show, lights, props and fun!


     Cabaret Show on Nov 11 & 12 at 6pm & 8pm, cost is $10

     Fall Play

     Nov 3, 4, at 7pm and 5th at 3pm

     $8 adults and $6 students

     Collage Concert

     Holiday choir and band concert

     December 9th at 7pm and 10th at 5pm & 7pm